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"I love watching the process of art creation..."

A Mettamodern Pop Art Cut Up

“Take it to the banksy”

Prelude to the eXistential Prize

Savants I View:

This episode is best received in full; nevertheless feel free to jump around. With this series we welcome fractal spinoffs and spokes. If you use any clips we appreciate a link-back to this post for the purpose of synergy and syntropy.

It’s very difficult to explain my Artivism, as if Dali had a baby with James Joyce who grew up and got married to Robert Anton Wilson and hung out with Warhol and Einstein while dating Hunter S. Thompson and seeing Jim Morrison on the side. There are gems everywhere and every second counts, every frame is a Kubrickian ode to Paul Thomas Anderson. There is wisdom here, and advanced mathematics and physics, there is prophecy, and there is the documenting into eXistence, of a beautiful world just being born. If I ate Ray Kurzweil for breakfast and then pooped out Conan O’Brien we might have the good shit that you could get high on.

I promise I will be remembered for over-delivering and over promising. I ain’t no used future salesman making lemonade pronouncements out of vapor ware lemons, I am metta futurist and we don’t predict things we realize them.

Pay attention, invest your time and moreso your attention.

Use AI to put the #Bretcrumbs together and fancy your self an all win non-zero-sum-game(b)-winner.

My art is cheap at the moment, but what about those with the I’s to see?

You can cash in now, coming down this mountain with me and my commandments. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be rewarding, and it will get easier when I get better equipment, a team and evolve my unique take on the wings of those giants I fly upon.

In time, this episode and all episodes in the series, will be empirical evidence for proving consciousness as fundamental and how peace and love are the north star in peacing humanity together. TOGETHER.

This Episode will also become part of the prototype #NFTogetherland Collection and then one of many Holonic CryptoCurrentsees in the Fractal Reserve when #NFTogetherland moves into Beta. The #NFTogetherland of this Episode will also have key bonus content in the infinite gamification of our best-case scenario future.

Below are some of the still images taken during the episode. You will also see all of the Youtube Videos I used in order. As well as other info like the Facebook Pages and websites etc

Welcome to Quantum Encrypted Artivism, and String Theory Applied
Welcome to the world’s first real time science fiction
and science
(see link for more info)

A Theory of Everything In Action
Poetic Metta-Naturalism

Sally Adnams Jones Facebook

Luke Stokes Facebook

#NFTogetherland Collection

If I had a penny for my NFTs, I'd be a trillionaire: Ode to MCA, We Got You


Manchester Orchestra - The Silence

Mapping the Territory
46:10 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's Omega Point & Trace Chains

Perspect3vism Website
Towards A Living Web

The First Social Network

A Digital Nervous System for the New Web

Facebook Post

Domesticated Primates Win the Game(B)
© by Bret A. Warshawsky 2020

A Transmedium Production

Social Media Preamble - "Barnum's Grand Scientific and Musical Theater"

Chapter 1 - The Great Work of the Golden Innovations

Chapter 2 - Dharma

Chapter 3 - Memory of a Free Festival

Chapter 3.1 - Portrait of an Avatar as a Young Man

Chapter 3.14 - Nirvana

Chapter 3.141 - The Bretan Book of the Dead See Scroll

Chapter 3.1415 - The Merry Pranksters Revival

Chapter 3.14159 - When Love Comes to Town

Chapter 3.141592 - Spirit-Motivated Social Action

Chapter 3.1415926 - #cryptopoetics

Chapter 3.14159265 - Amused to Death

Chapter 3.141592653 - Monarchs Activate

Chapter 3.1415926535 - The Oasis

Section 9 - Reverse DNA (and) the Time Travel Continuum

Chapter 3.14159265358 - Ahoy-- It’s a Pi Rate Algorithm

Chapter 3.141592653589 - Agency X Rebellion 

Chapter 3.1415926535897 - Preposterous! 

Chapter 3.14159265358979 - Noo Hip Hop 

Chapter 3.141592653589793 - Ode to My Cousin RM

Chapter 3.1415926535897932 - DUH

Chapter 3.14159265358979323 - Paradox Lost

Social Media Preamble And Self Obsessed Hyperbole

A Syntropic Implosion of Love Infused Mass Co-Creation

Reverse engineering the Manhattan Project, metaphorically speaking, and producing a gift of mass co-creation-- this ‘mushroom’ cloud produced by Cyberdelic Sociotechnologies and occupying the noosphere-- taking Humanity and consciousness on a collective Trip into Novelty, Emergence and the heart of darkness which is found to be unconditional love.

“The DAO that can be blockchained is not the eternal DAO”


If you can’t beat them
Join them
If you can’t join them
Transcend and include them….

The Syntony Times: Life Is Stranger Than Science Fiction
The Syntony Times: Life Is Stranger Than Science Fiction
Radical Bretminster Fullofit
Bobby Azarian
Design Science Studio
Stephen Bau