Late Night Fullofit Intro

Proof of Concept 1.0

Let’s stay real.

One thing I am not is a graphic designer.
One thing I am not is a video artist and editor.

These are some ideas I want to play with and I would love any offers to work with me on making this all way better.

Thanks xoxo

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Music by Eminem, Lose Yourself

Syntony Times: Life Is Stranger Than Science Fiction
Late Night Fullofit
This is a proof of concept eXperiment in prep for the big time, and the Passion of the Heist, one of our orignal reality productions. We intend to erect several interconnected hypertechnologized regenerative film sets for this Transmedium Storyliving Production. Think Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Conan and the Nightly Noos all wrapped up. At the same time, it is also the storyliving of the eXistential rebellion and an artisfactual documentation of how Togetherland came to be.
Radical Bretminster Fullofit