Mad Hatter Summit, August 12th, 2023

Proof of Concept - Part I

The main video above is part 1 of the raw/uniterrupted footage from our online festivities on August 12th. We’ll be editing together shorter clips as well as a short and long form documentary based on the images and videos from our physical locations.

From Co-founding Steward

We Did It!!!!

A year ago we had a crazy dream of redefining what a Summit was and go beyond what we call mental health. What if we conducted a Taste of Wonderland, our social innovation for social research and co-creation ‘Live Aid’ style around the world in different locations on the same day? What if we had musical performances? And What if we had a broadcast that brought these experiences together.

Well we did it on August 12th of 2023. We had wonderful musical performances from the site of our pilot in Binali Village in Malawi who sang and danced; we had very unique Tastes of Wonderland conducted on a farm in Vreeland, the Netherlands, on the downtown campus of University of Toronto in Canada, and on a piece of paradise in Pamoosa Lane California. And online Bret wove us together along with conversations with fantastic eclectic contributors.

Video Above Is From the Taste of Wonderland Pilot In 2022, Malawi

This inauguaral summit was a miraculous birth of a new field, a next paradigm and many other embryonic miracles about a Best Life for All that will now unfold.

Deepest and profoundest love to all the beautiful souls in all forms that helped yesterday happen.

And this initiative was bootstrapped by the members and self financed.

It really was a miracle it happened.

Radical Bretminster Fullofit